Do you feel sad when you are watching a romantic movie or lazy, if you have to come to the invitation alone? Depressed to see a couple holding hands? Are you desperate going to amsterdam escorts and want a simple couple life? If you experience these symptoms, you might have anupthaphobia. It is the fear of being single for life. Aside from being related to traumatic events in the past, lifestyle and the nature of overly caring about people’s judgment are the supporting factors.

One of the signs you have anuptaphobia is when you choose to survive in plain relationship rather than being single

It is when you are easy to fight, equally selfish anddo not want to budge. There are many things that make you and your partner fight a lot. Quite often, an emotional attitude makes you hurt one another. However, you are actually desperate to seek relationships that are clearly more appropriate to end.

You just need a partner, but you don’t choose because they are the right companion for you. The fear of being alone defeats you; make you want to “live” with the wrong person. In fact, feeling a moment because of a broken relationship is far better than forcing yourself to survive with a relationship that has no future.

Being single makes you feel worthless

Having the status of a single, without someone there to accompany you, makes you feel unhappy. You also tend to be fragile; easy to be sad or depressed when thinking about your solitude. In fact, you don’t hesitate to consider yourself not valuable enough.

Loneliness never seems to offer an exciting thing

Traveling to the mall alone on weekends or going to the movies for the sake of your favorite film makes you feel uncomfortable. You also feel strange when enjoying lunch without other people eating at your table. In your opinion, having a partner who can always accompany you in all activities will definitely be more fun

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